Parent volunteers continue to make valuable contributions to concession stands and chaperones.  But, Carondelet High School mobilized their parent volunteers to make a difference on their day of giving - and did they ever! Here's how they surpassed their giving day goals and 4 tips to mobilize your parent volunteers for your day of giving. 

Parents volunteers do so much for school programs across the country. offers a great list of the many ways parent volunteers can get involved on a regular basis, including fundraising events like bake sales. We can all think of a parent who goes above and beyond however many schools now take ar more organized approach to mobilizing parent volunteers. 


Carondelet High School did just that when their first time parent volunteer phone-a-thon fueled their day of giving past any expectations. A phone-a-thon that was so successful they were counting gifts well into the evening:

 Carondelet Day of Giving


How do you mobilize your parent volunteers for day of giving calling campaigns?


Encourage Parent Volunteering Early

Parent volunteers are busy and appreciate an organized event.  Below is the actual announcement Carondelet High School sent parent volunteers encouraging them to sign up for specific shifts, a registration link and incentivizing parent/student volunteering.  Having a dedicated process in place made it easy for parents to mobilize. If you're looking to get more out of your processes, consider 5 things you didn't know volunteer management software could do.


Carondelet Day of Giving Invite

Consider Virtual Calling Campaigns

As the world continues to go virtual, many calling campaigns recognize a parent volunteer making calls from home is often happier (and more productive) than a parent volunteer losing an afternoon stuck in traffic trying to make it to your calling campaign on camps.  Please make sure parent volunteers have signed the necessary documentation to satisfy your data and security processes! 

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Parent volunteers will have questions!  Your ability to anticipate those questions and provide proactive information will put them at ease and increase sign up.  The Community Foundation of Sarasota County, Giving Partner offers a core calling script as a start.  Then consider what you would ask when signing up.  Who am I calling?  What do I say?  What if they are cooking dinner? How "pushy" should I be?  These are all natural questions you can script well before parent volunteers show up. 


Retain and Recognize Parent Volunteers

Remember that the day of giving is one option to mobilize parent volunteers. The key is to develop a consistent volunteer management system to effectively communicate opportunities and recognize top parent volunteers. Yes, parent volunteers can help you raise hundreds of thousands of dollars in a day but truly successful programs develop year round engagement and recognition. Did you see we said recognition twice?  Hint. Hint. 


Parents are a valuable asset but the clock is truly ticking.  As EAB reports, " Parents’ interest peaks in their child’s first year of school and more or less evaporates after graduation."  The sooner your program can onboard and regularly engage parents, the larger the impact parent volunteers can have for your program. 


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