There are so many great reasons to help this winter but the cold weather causes some to think twice.  Here are 5 time tested volunteer opportunities to get involved when the snow is falling. 


Consider Virtual Volunteer Opportunities

Not all volunteer opportunities require leaving the warmth of home.  Advances in technology allow volunteers to provide much needed resources from under a cozy blanket. Here's a complete list of virtual volunteer opportunities compiled with help from volunteer programs across the country.  

Embrace the Cold with a Polar Plunge

Take a page from the Special Olympics Polar Plunge and "go freezin for a reason!"  With chapters across the county, this event is more than showing up for a photo op and cold dunk. Learn how this event became one of the top five most creative service learning projects of 2021

Head to the Warmth of the Southern Hemisphere

The sun is always shining on a volunteer opportunity abroad!  Many religious organizations offer structured trips to southern locations in need. High school students can also consider structured volunteer abroad opportunities like Amigos de Las Americas.

Clear Snowy Sidewalks

Clean sidewalks are very important for community members to stay safe during cold months.  Some community members may have a hard time keeping their pathways clean.  Clearing sidewalks can be a great way to get exercise, beat that feeling of being stuck inside and help others in the community at the same time. 

Volunteer During Tax Time

Older volunteers with accounting experience will find ample indoor volunteer opportunities helping others complete their tax forms between January and March. Not a professional?   Consider AARP's program to give you the training and IRS certification necessary


Volunteer opportunities about in the colder months!  If you need help connecting volunteers to volunteer opportunities, have a look at the volunteer platform preferred by thousands of service administrators across the country! 


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