High school service learning programs build character, experience and technical skills necessary for young job seekers to secure early employment.  Developing management, technical and soft skills provides all students valuable abilities regardless of their career path.  Here are 5 factors to consider in your high school service learning program to help prepare job seekers: 

Service Learning Instills Business Acumen 

High school service learning programs are often part of a longer academic career of service.  With many programs introducing service learning in lower schools, students gain visibility to multiple aspects of business.  Consider Rowland Hall's success using CASEL framework to integrate service all along their K-12 programs.  Ryan Hoglund, Director of Ethical Education shares how one student turned their service learning experiences into a small business capable of financing their first year of college!  


Service Learning Builds Empathy

High school service learning programs are uniquely able to introduce students from multiple neighborhoods to needs across the community.  During these experiences, students are intentionally introduced to the needs of others.  Not only are high school service programs building better citizens; the ability to recognize a need, understand the cause of that need and be solution oriented is valuable to any employer. 


Service Learning Shows Demonstrated Leadership

HIgh school service learning programs offer students valuable opportunities to demonstrate and document leadership skills.  Just about every Eagle Scout talks about their service project on their resume - especially at a young age.  The same is true for the leaders developing in your high school service learning program.  Learn more about writing a service essay that gets the job done. 


Service Learning Teaches Tangible Skills

High school service learning programs give students access to business environments they otherwise may not access.  Consider the many roles a student can take on while providing their service.  Many high school service programs are focused at the pre-internship level because students may be too young or not have the bandwidth to take on a full internship.  The skills your high school service learning program provides can be instrumental in landing great internships or employment down the line.


Service Learning Produces Results 

Students participating in high school service learning programs are achieving incredible outcomes for our communities! In many job interviews, candidates are asked to talk about a time they accomplished a goal or achieved xyz.  Many employers are looking for both the results and the process the applicant followed to achieve the outcome.  High school service learning programs give young applicants the ability to confidently answer common interview questions with documented achievements. 


    • Job seekers can really leverage experience from high school service learning programs when applying to these service learning jobs

And the benefits do not stop upon graduation.  CNBC offers a list of volunteer resources for job seekers looking to build their skills. 


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