MobileServe CEO, Ben Reno-Weber explains why storytelling matters and how to reshape the way we think about humble-bragging. 

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Hi, my name is Ben Reno-Weber, I’m the CEO of MobileServe. I want to talk today about the importance not just of doing good, but of talking about doing good.


We have this ingrained reluctance as people who do service to brag about ourselves. But talking about being engaged in the community is really important, especially now. We call this the “humble brag.” But humble bragging or telling stories about doing good is how culture gets shaped. It’s how people understand what’s good and bad in their community, what are the examples they should follow or not follow. So if you’re out making the world a better place, talk about what you’re doing.

There are three elements to a good story:

  1. First, talk about why what you’re doing is important to you...the story of Me.
  2. Talk about why what you’re doing is important to a community…the story of Us.
  3. And talk about the challenge that people have that you are asking them to rise to…the story of Now.

It’s not enough just to be doing good in the world. We need to be creating a culture in which doing good is the expectation.


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