Volunteer tracking software provides an all-in-one platform to track and analyze the hours and work that people are doing for a cause. Many platforms allow users to access data such as hours of completion and contact information for volunteer and organizations. MobileServe goes above and beyond the ordinary tracking software by implementing an easy to use dashboard that can provide visual charts, social sharing abilities and even digital verification for the service work that is entered.

Who Needs Volunteer Tracking Software?

There are many organizations that would find volunteer tracking software to be beneficial. From schools and fraternities to businesses and nonprofits, any group that participates in volunteerism and places strong value on giving back should be using a system to track their service. Not only can tracking software provide easy, digital means of organizing a group’s efforts, but also can provide a quick way to share goals and accomplishments with those supporting the cause.

What are the Benefits of Volunteer Tracking Software?

Beyond pen and paper, many organizations use spreadsheets to organize their volunteer efforts. Our blog “The Crippling Cost of Spreadsheet Tracking” points out the opportunity costs in using outdated systems for this sort of information. Software like MobileServe can provide everything users need all in one platform – saving time and money for all of those that are involved in giving back. People using volunteer tracking software are using fewer resources and getting better outcomes, leading to better efficiency and the ability to give back more.


MobileServe helps organizations of all types and sizes that want an easier and more accurate way to track, manage, and report their social impact. We’re in school districts and schools, national Greek organizations and individual chapters, nonprofits and their networks, government agencies and programs, and corporate programs and startups. So if you value volunteerism but want your time and resources back, MobileServe can help. Schedule a demo today!


By Alysha Rice, Freelance Blogger + Marketer

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