Volunteer tracking software provides an all-in-one platform to track volunteer hours and aggregate the impact volunteers have for a cause. Many platforms allow users to access data such as hours completed and contact information for volunteers at organizations. Others go a step beyond simply tracking volunteer hours with database integrations, reporting dashboards, social sharing abilities and even digital verification to provide an additional level of confidence in the hours you report when tracking volunteer hours. Here's a breakdown.

Why Start Tracking Volunteer Hours?

Many organizations will find volunteer tracking software beneficial. From schools and fraternities to businesses and nonprofits, any group that participates in volunteerism and places strong value on giving back should be using a system to track volunteer hours. Not only can tracking software provide easy, digital means of organizing a group’s efforts, but also can provide a quick way to share goals and accomplishments with those supporting the cause.

What are the Benefits of Digitally Tracking Volunteer Hours?

Beyond pen and paper, many organizations use spreadsheets to track volunteer hours. This is a natural starting place for small programs tracking volunteer hours for a few volunteers who do not volunteer regularly.  But, the true cost of a "free" spreadsheet at an organization with regular volunteers can be eye opening. The Crippling Cost of Spreadsheet Tracking points out the opportunity costs in using outdated systems while tracking volunteer hours. Volunteer tracking software can provide everything users and administrators need in one platform – saving time and money while improving volunteer experiences. Programs using digital platforms while tracking volunteer hours use fewer administrative resources and generate better outcomes, drive better efficiency and improve the ability for volunteers to give back more.

What are the Features of Volunteer Tracking Software?

Not all volunteer tracking softwares share the same feature set.  MobileServe works with thousands of of administrators across the country tracking volunteer hours.  Leveraging the insights of this community, the key features our community demands are:


    • Integrated: Please don't make us remember another password! Single sign on allows students to sign into their account using their Google or Microsoft email address.  Gone are the days of a static website and clunky login credentials that make tracking volunteer hours a chore.  Schools using the Blackbaud or PowerSchool student information system also enjoy an extra level of integration!

    • Integrity: Because administrators cannot be at every volunteer site for every volunteer, multiple digital verification methods allow service supervisors from the nonprofit to digitally verify users were at the service location.  Administrators on campus can then approve the service log with an additional level of confidence they are entering valid data when tracking volunteer hours. 
    • Intuitive:  Volunteer tracking software should make the process easier!  Volunteers must be able to log volunteer hours from their mobile device at the service site.  In fact, over 80% of students tracking volunteer hours with MobileServe will log service the same day they serve.  An integrated dashboard then provides real time data to those tracking volunteer hours and those requesting insights on the impact of the program. 

    • Inclusive: Not all students have mobile phones to use when tracking volunteer hours.  By providing web access on any internet enabled device (phone, tablet, computer, laptop, PC, Apple, Android, etc), students are able to log hours wherever their individual circumstance. 

MobileServe helps organizations of all types and sizes that want an easier and more accurate way to track volunteer hours, manage, and report their social impact. We’re in schools and across school districts, national Greek organizations and individual chapters, nonprofits and their networks, government agencies and programs, and corporate programs and startups. So if you value volunteerism but want your time and resources back, MobileServe can help. Schedule a demo today!


By Alysha Rice, Freelance Blogger + Marketer

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