The summer is winding down, but there is still time to volunteer for a good cause before the school year begins. If you can’t bear the thought of fighting traffic, consider becoming a virtual volunteer – all you need is your phone and an Internet connection.


We did a quick search on to see what virtual volunteer opportunities are available this August. Take a look below to see if one of them appeals to you!


Children & Youth

Musicians: Share your experience as a professional musician by answering questions of aspiring musicians online. CareerVillage, a nonprofit that helps young people get online career advice from professionals, is looking for musicians who are at least 24 years old to respond to young people’s career questions and engage them in discussions about their future.

Writers: One Love Foundation, which teaches people about unhealthy and abusive relationships, needs volunteer writers to join their One Love Writers Corps in the Fall. Writers will participate in a conference call once per week and produce up to three pieces of digital content per month. Interested applicants should sign up by August 18, 2017.


Computers & Technology

Web Site Developer: App to Succeed, Inc., which provides financial education to teens living in poverty, is looking for a volunteer, who is familiar with WordPress, to update their web site. A comprehensive list of preferred skills can be found on the volunteer posting. The organization offers numerous benefits in lieu of compensation, to include by-line credit on the web site, a reference letter from the CEO, and more.


Marketing and Strategic Planning: Code for Fun is a nonprofit that exposes young children to computer programming. They are looking for volunteers to help them develop a marketing plan and promotional materials in anticipation of their new K-12 computer science program. Interested applicants should submit a resume, phone number, and availability for an interview.



Blog Editor: What’s Your Impact, an environmental organization focused on education and empowerment, is looking for a volunteer to edit blogs for their web site, and to assist writers in developing ideas for future topics. Volunteers should have excellent command of the English language, and they should be able to dedicate at least eight hours per week.


Homelessness & Housing

Graphic Designer (e-book): A graphic designer is needed to assist Babysteps Ministry in designing an e-book. The e-book details one man’s journey from homelessness and addiction to recovery. The volunteer should be able to design the cover, as well as work with Babysteps to arrange the inside text and photos into an attractive design. The e-book will ultimately be used as a fundraising tool. Hours are flexible.


Web Site Design Consultant: Camden County’s Community Planning & Advocacy Council needs a volunteer to advise them on the development of their web page. The initial work has been done, but they need an expert to help them make it an “interactive, easy to navigate, and impact driven web site.” Interested applicants should submit two to four samples of their work.


Justice & Legal

Contracts and Agreements Expert: The Sloth Institute Costa Rica needs a volunteer to help them develop contracts for a special project. The right volunteer will be able to dedicate a maximum of 40 hours total, and the project will be completed in August. Interested volunteers should send their CVs to 


Media & Broadcasting

Email Assistance: The Master Shift, a nonprofit focused on meditational healing, is looking for a volunteer to combine email data from a few different host sites into one new site.



Researcher: The National Archives needs volunteers to help research newly released government documents regarding the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Volunteers will also be responsible for writing reports related to the documents. Research can be completed from the volunteers’ homes, but volunteers should be able to dedicate about 15 hours per week.


Is this your first time considering virtual volunteering? Are you wondering how to make it fit into your schedule? To help get started, check out our previous post, which discusses how to make the most of virtual volunteering.


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