As many know, investing in yourself is one of the best investments a person can make. Similarly, companies that invest in their employees can reap unsurpassed benefits. A great way to go this is to offer employees the opportunity to get involved with corporate volunteerism.


Apart from the obvious community-driven reason to give back, corporate volunteerism has numerous benefits for employees and companies alike. Listed below are just a few of the many benefits that come from engaging in corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Recruit and Retain Talent

Attracting suitable candidates for employment can be challenging - especially if you’re looking for younger talent. According to Laurence Lien, CEO of National Volunteer and Philanthropy Center of Singapore, young people are more persuaded to join companies that offer CSR opportunities. This makes your company more attractive by providing the opportunity to give back to the community through work.


Moreover, the positive correlation between CSR and employee happiness can be a leading factor behind employees’ reasons for staying committed to their company.

Improving Work Environment and Work Relations

Organizations that are active in corporate volunteerism are more likely to experience supportive behaviors from their employees towards both their coworkers and within the organization itself. Closer, higher-quality relationships between employees may be a side effect of corporate volunteerism. This matched with the overall positivity that comes with volunteerism can lead to a happier, more positive work environment for everyone.

Increased Creativity and Satisfaction

Corporate volunteerism is one of the many ways to increase company-wide creativity and satisfaction. The opportunity to give back allows for employees to think outside of the box about company processes and re-energize their work efforts. Put together, these after effects can inspire innovation and a sense of fulfillment within employees and throughout organizations.


Any corporate social responsibility, big or small, has an impact on everyone involved and says a lot about the company itself. From going green to giving back locally and more, corporations that are actively working to improve communities can improve employee recruitment, work environments and the entire company. Corporate volunteerism is a win-win for all!


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By Alysha Rice, Freelance Blogger + Marketer

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