Millennial volunteers are an undeniable force. Beyond giving money, this generation is more likely to donate time and become invested in service opportunities they care about. So how can you attract and engage these volunteers effectively?

Meet Them Where They Already Are

Millennial volunteers are some of the most connected volunteers you can reach, but it’s only effective if you do it correctly. Keeping up to date online with all your information is incredibly important. With technology being part of our every day lives, stagnate websites and social media platforms can cause this generation to become uninterested or not take your cause seriously. On the plus side – you can reach out to this generation to ask for volunteers to help maintain these.


Beyond social media and websites, e-mail is incredibly effective in reaching millennials and millennial volunteers. Nearly everyone in this generation has a cell phone with email capability. A study from Achieve found that over 60% of Millennials regularly receive emails from numerous nonprofit organizations!

Consider Their Crowdfunding Powers

Digital fundraising has been an enormous factor in raising funds to charities and non-profits. With a large number of people on social media, it’s simple to share and donate with the click of a few buttons. Take advantage of this unique chance to bring peoples’ passions and online lives together and find out how easy it can be to grow attention and engagement online, leading to more donors, money and even volunteers!

Spread the Word About Their Work

Everyone – millennial volunteers included – likes to hear they’ve done well and made a difference. Take time to share success stories and updates on past projects to let volunteers know their good deeds are still impactful. Email and social media are both great ways to spread the word.


Most importantly, millennial volunteers are attracted to organizations that are authentic. They don’t want to be treated differently because of their age and some don’t want to just provide monetary value. Making your organization’s message align with what millennials care about is one step in the right direction to effectively engage and attract your potential volunteers.


By Alysha Rice, Freelance Blogger + Marketer

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