Building a culture of service is incredibly important, but where does one start? For businesses, schools and communities alike, there are several ways to begin this process. Below we have listed three tips to get started with including increasing communication and awareness, incentivizing to make the service worthwhile and by tracking the hours worked for the volunteer opportunity.

A Culture of Service Starts with Communication

Like most things, building a culture of service starts with great communication. From providing information about service opportunities and aiding in the selection process to providing instructions to volunteers throughout, communication must be a main focus for those looking to build a culture of service. Poor communication can lead to lack of awareness and organization that are both necessary for success.

Incentivize Volunteers to Build a Culture of Service

Incentives are a brilliant way to get volunteers to become and stay involved with service opportunities. By rewarding good work, volunteers can find motivation to get involved in their community and are likely to get others involved as well. Common incentives in the corporate world are extra paid time off and allowing service to be completed during work hours, while schools can provide incentives through special graduation cords and club-like acknowledgements to students.

Maintain a Culture of Service with Volunteer Tracking

Volunteer management is incredibly important in maintaining a culture of service because it provides organization to volunteers and organizations alike. By providing easy-to-read stats and allowing for visual graphics that relay volunteer data through volunteer management applications like MobileServe, information can be communicated, rewarded and tracked seamlessly.


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By Alysha Rice, Freelance Blogger + Marketer

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