Telling your school’s community service story can be an invaluable way to spread the word about the causes your institution and students are passionate about and provide motivation for others to get involved as well. In order to tell your school’s story, keeping track of service data is incredible important — but isn’t always the easiest to do and maintain.

The larger a volunteer base is, the more difficult it can be to share their community service story. It’s important to be able to capture data in order to provide qualitative details of service. That being said, volunteer management can be very time consuming. With an easy to use app like MobileServe, users can have reports on data such as impact by cause area, the type of services being done, time management and more, right at their fingertips.

How Can Volunteer Reporting Help Tell Service Stories?

Beyond your average volunteer management system, MobileServe provides access to real-time stats on your group data at a glance. Administrators can also dive deep into their group’s individual volunteers and service logs, while also seeing what cause areas are most important to their students


In addition to providing real-time reporting that can be exported with ease, users can also build custom, graphic-rich reports of their tracked volunteerism. By simply choosing the appropriate information and time period, they can visually see immediate changes as data points are turned on and off. These reports and graphics can be used with storytelling in a variety of ways — on webpages, social media and blogs, and for marketing materials to name a few.


Volunteer reporting can effortlessly provide qualitative evidence that is incredibly important for telling your school’s community service story. What steps can your school taking to make this reporting easier for those involved in volunteerism? Find out by scheduling a demo today!


By Alysha Rice, Freelance Blogger + Marketer

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