Providing student volunteer opportunities can be incredibly beneficial to the success of your students. Connecting their interests with causes — local or abroad — can give students the motivation to meet their volunteer goals and requirements.


Listed below are some ways you can help guide student volunteer opportunities.

Connect students with local causes

Local community service is easy for students to get involved with! Reach out to local nonprofits, charities and more to see what events may be happening nearby. Volunteering locally can provide students with a sense of community pride that drives them to keep volunteering and can even encourage their peers to become involved.

Help students research opportunities abroad

Beyond offering the ability to travel around the world, volunteering in other countries can provide students with the ability to immerse themselves in their passions. Leaving their comfort zones with peers for a good cause can build upon their teamwork abilities and broaden their perspectives as well.

Teach students about online volunteering

Virtual volunteering can be just as beneficial as in-person volunteering,. Students can find service opportunities such as translation, writing and editing, and researching through websites like OnlineVolunteering.Org and DoSomething.Org.


No matter if you require students to do service or not, you should always be providing them with ways to get involved and volunteer their time and skills to others. The benefits for both students and the causes they serve are insurmountable and can lead to life-long volunteerism locally, abroad, and even online!


By Alysha Rice, Freelance Blogger + Marketer

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