With the fully revamped Opportunities Engine available both on web and mobile, MobileServe users and the general public now have access to thousands of volunteer opportunities right at their fingertips!

Where Do I Find It?Image-1 (1)

For existing MobileServe users, you can now find the Opportunities Engine by clicking on your Events tab, then "Discover".  Individuals who have not yet created a MobileServe account can still navigate and search this tool by going to https://app.mobileserve.com/opportunities.  To sign-up and show interest in Opportunities, users must have an account and be logged in.

Where do Opportunities Come From?

Over the last several months we have been working to connect with NonProfits and other "Receivers" of volunteerism.  They can gain access to a portal that allows them to post opportunities directly to the OE and track RSVP's as individuals show interest.  We are also able to immediately make thousands of volunteer opportunities available via a partnership with Volunteer Match.  All opportunities posted in VolunteerMatch available and visible to MobileServe users on the OE.

How Do I Use It?

When searching and navigating opportunities, you'll notice that some opportunities have an "MS" stamp in the bottom right hand corner.  This indicates an opportunity that was generated by an organization using their MobileServe account.  For these opportunities, users are able to sign up for both generally RSVP's and Timeslots as determined by the posting organization.  Opportunities without the "MS" icon are ones that have been pulled in from VolunteerMatch.  Per VolunteerMatch's work flow, users can express interest in an opportunity which sends an email to the Volunteer Coordinator listed for the organization and they will coordinate with the user via email to confirm the details.


Users can find all the opportunities they have signed up for and expressed interest in under the Events page under "Schedule".  Because of the differing nature of the two types of opportunities we provide two tabs under the Schedule to track the two types of events.

Can I Turn It Off?

We recognize that some organizations and schools prefer to limit the locations and types of activities their members participate in.  If you are an Admin of an organization and would prefer to turn this feature off and make it unavailable to your users, you just need to contact support@mobileserve.org and we can turn it off for your users.


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