MobileServe would be nothing without our amazing users that continue to make incredible differences in their communities. One such user is Marni, a MobileServe Super User. Being a MobileServe Super User means that out of our more than 10,000 users across the country, Marni has logged some of the most hours.


We recently reached out to Marni to learn more about the good work she is doing in her community. As a student, Marni has taken her passions and translated them into action.





"I've always been very passionate about animals and conservation and the only way to do it right now is to volunteer. [I]  volunteered at animal shelter, taking elderly people to animal shelters for therapy. At zoo [I] taught people about conservation work [the zoo] was doing around the world"







Beyond her own passions working with animals and conservation efforts, Marni has utilized MobileServe in tracking and recording her hours through various programs. Noting the helpfulness of the app, Marni explained MobileServe's impact:



 "A lot of students wouldnt turn in hours, community service coordinator had hard time getting hours and with MobileServie students would turn in hours on their own. MobileServe helped me see where I did most of my service and how much I did there."


We are proud to call Marni a MobileServe user, and we are grateful for her dedication to service. With more than 10,000 active users on MobileServe, being a Super User is an accomplishment worth sharing. Congratulations to Marni! Keep up the good work!





Interested in learning how you can utilize MobileServe to track, record, and share the good work you're doing in your community? Click on the link below to read about our features!


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