The millennial generation is one of the largest generations alive today. So how can organizations increase their impact with millennial volunteering? While there are many things to take into consideration, we’ve listed three important points to remember when trying to engage this group of people.

Volunteering benefits everyone

There are benefits to both volunteers and organizations when considering service work. Beyond giving back to those in need, volunteers have the opportunity to gain new experience and network with people they wouldn’t normally have access to. The millennial generation is known for their wanderlust and community service can provide the chance to fulfill these needs.

Millennials have a wide variety of skillsets

Born between the years 1981-1996, millennials have grown up in an era filled with change and opportunity. This generation has an array of skills that range from classic hands-on labor to tech-savvy internet and social media work and everything in between. Organizations can take advantage of millennial volunteering by strategizing the skills that are brought by the volunteers.

Millennials love social media

Spreading the word is crucial to volunteer organizations and there’s no better way to do so than social media. Growing up in the world of social media, millennials have a special knack for making sure their message is sent to the masses. Celebrating those involved in millennial volunteering can be a great way to grow engagement within an organization and get more people involved.


This generation is different than it’s priors, so organizations have to think differently when trying to engage them. Let them know the benefits for all of those involved and make sure they know you can utilize their skills to make the most out of their volunteer work. In the end, millennial volunteering is something that is achievable and can make a difference.


By Alysha Rice, Freelance Blogger + Marketer

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