MobileServe is pleased to announce a direct integration with the Veracross Student Information System.  The integration helps schools using Veracross connect students directly with service opportunities from trusted local nonprofits and service data back to campus.  As a recognized leader in service, MobileServe previously announced integrations for PowerSchool and Blackbaud schools. Read how MobileServe is now improving the student and administrative service experience for Veracross schools. 

MobileServe is now home to thousands of service administrators connecting students with local service opportunities at hundreds of thousands of nonprofits across the country.  With so many programs using the Veracross Student Information System, a direct integration is the natural next step to eliminate the data headaches of manually pulling and sending student data - not to mention the increased data security! 


How Does the Veracross Integration Work?

MobileServe's integrated service learning platform talks to your Veracross student information system every night to check for any new student accounts.  A MobileServe account is then created for each new student and is available to the student the next day.  This includes incoming classes at the beginning of the year and all students who transfer throughout the school year. 


Tech Talk: When you talk to your IT team, most tech teams do not want a free flow of information coming into your student information system. Because your team will want more control, MobileServe implements a one way direct integration.


How Does the Veracross Integration Help?

The Veracross integration puts an end to pulling data files, emailing student data, the clunky onboarding process from legacy software providers and the ever tedious process of repeating these steps every time a student transfers. 


  • Secure Data Transfer: Emailing student data may not comply with your schools data security policies. Integrations create secure direct connections to eliminate the risks associated with emailing student data. 
  • Automatic User Creation: When a user is created in your student information system, an account is automatically created and ready the for user.  
  • Automatic User Removal: Choose if you would like the platform to automatically disconnect student accounts as they graduate.  Note: They can still take their account with them after graduation!
  • Automatic User Notify: Choose if you would like the platform to directly notify the new student to access their account.  
  • Full Control: Only want to import specific class years?  No problem.

Setting Up Your Veracross Integration

Because MobileServe is an approved Veracross partner and a custom integration has been built especially for Veracross, setup takes just a few steps that can be completed in minutes.  Current MobileServe partners can access their integration instructions on the Settings tab of the administrative dashboard.  Schools interested in becoming a MobileServe partner can schedule time to see the Veracross integration and all the advantage of the improvements a modern service platform can offer!    






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