We all put away our atlas years ago because phones talk directly to space for real time directions.  Yet, legacy software companies require schools to email multiple data files when new students enroll and shared docs require approving manual access which doesn't talk to your student information system.  Take a few minutes to see how service programs across the country are implementing MobileServe's integrated service platform for better, safer and more productive user and admin service experiences. 



Debunking Integrations

Not all integrations are created equal but there are basic qualifications.  A link to a document on the website is not an integration.  A link to another website on your website is not an integration.  Imbedding a portal on a website is not an integration.  An integration is a direct connection between your student information system and your service platform.  The MobileServe platform integrates directly with Blackbaud, PowerSchool and Veracross student information systems.  These are in addition to the front end integration with VolunteerMatch - the nation's leading promoter of volunteer opportunities - which can be turned on by administrators at any time. 


Integration Graphic

Integration Features

Not all integrations are created equal. Some integrations are a free flow of information back and forth between the two systems.  When you talk to your IT team, most schools do now want a free flow of information coming into your student information system.  Because you will want more control, MobileServe implements a one way direct integration with features including:


  • Secure Data Transfer: Emailing student data may not comply with your schools data security policies. Integrations create secure direct connections to eliminate the risks associated with emailing student data. 
  • Automatic User Creation: When a user is created in your student information system, an account is automatically created and ready the for user.  
  • Automatic User Removal: Choose if you would like the platform to automatically disconnect student accounts as they graduate.  Note: They can still take their account with them after graduation!
  • Automatic User Notify: Choose if you would like the platform to directly notify the new student to access their account.  
  • Full Control: Only want to import specific class years?  No problem.

Integration Implementation

Because integrations are secure direct connections, a member of your IT team with security credentials is required to implement an integration.  But, because integrations are custom developed for your student information system, they often require less than 15 minutes for your team to set up.  

Integration Plus

What about single sign in?

Integrations are built to create user accounts.  Once created, users can use Microsoft or Google student emails to sign on with one click.  This pairing is especially popular in the MobileServe community since new students simply download the MobileServe app, click sign on with Microsoft/Google and they connect directly to the account created for them.


What if I want additional data to transfer over?

Many schools are interested in connecting more data to their student information system.  As a leading provider of volunteer engagement to thousands of service administrators across the country, MobileServe offers an open API for your team to connect additional data points directly to your student information system.  


If you are are currently a member of the MobileServe community and have questions about an integration, please contact a member of your support team.  


If you are considering the MobileServe community and would like to see the integration/platform first hand, please schedule time to have a look!



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