The benefits of volunteer work have an impact on almost all aspects of a person’s life. From improving physical and mental health to enhancing professional skills and work. This being said, corporate volunteer programs have become more popular and have proven to be useful in accomplishing corporate social responsibility goals.


Companies across the U.S. are starting to accept that incentivizing employee volunteers can provide motivation and a great way to appreciate those who give back within their organizations.


The drawback? Not all companies have the funds to celebrate volunteers lavishly … and giving back shouldn’t come with the expectation of something in return. Companies that are looking to give back and acknowledge achievements have a tight line to walk when trying to do so. So, how can they incentivize employee volunteers?

Celebrate Employees that Give Back with a Luncheon

A great way to give back to a group of employee volunteers is to provide a luncheon to them on the company’s dime. Gathering together to acknowledge volunteerism can help spread the word about causes and efforts that are within the community and can encourage those who don’t volunteer to get involved. Plus, giving them the opportunity to connect over shared interests can lead to stronger bonds between coworkers and improve company morale!

Give Back with PTO

Beyond allowing people to complete service work during company hours, offering time off is a great way to incentivize employee volunteers. These volunteers have dedicated their most valuable resources to doing good — their time and effort. Companies can do the same by setting very clear rules that outline on how employees can be rewarded with volunteer paid time off.

Provide Gift Cards to Exceptional Employees

Depending on the size of the company, employees can be rewarded for their volunteerism with gift cards. While using monetary incentives can seem costly at first, companies can set boundaries on the amount and frequency given out — a little goes a long way when acknowledging good deeds!


No matter how a company decides to acknowledge employees that are going above and beyond, it’s important that they are acknowledged at all. Volunteerism can be encouraged and can lead to others becoming more passionate, happier, and more content with their career as well. Giving back to those that give back is a great way to keep this cycle going!


By Alysha Rice, Freelance Blogger + Marketer

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