Community service work can produce unlimited benefits for volunteers and organizations alike. Those who participate have the opportunity to develop skills they didn’t already have and cultivate skills they do have but want to strengthen. Students and employees especially can find that volunteering helps prepare them for future endeavors and career opportunities.

Improving Communication Skills

Volunteers often connect with people they wouldn’t normally encounter throughout their community service work. In doing so, they can improve on their communication skills that are vital to furthering their professional and academic careers. A variety of people volunteer, which opens the door for a variety of communication methods like word of mouth, email, talking on the phone and social media.

Exposure to New Opportunities

For those in need of collegiate or professional experience, volunteerism can lead to an abundance of opportunities. Community service work can open doors for new opportunities for those who actively participate by gaining access to new industries, career paths and organizations. Networking is a huge benefit of service work as well.

Increase Creative Thinking

Creative thinking is a valuable asset to those who are giving back and partaking in community service work. Service doesn’t have to mean picking up liter off the side of the road or offering a helping hand at a soup kitchen. Volunteers can cultivate their creativity by opening their minds to new ways to volunteer such as building a website building, graphic design, and so much more!


No matter how community service work is done, there are many ways that volunteers can further their skillset by participating. From communication and creative thinking to taking advantage of networking opportunities, community service work can help those looking to strengthen both personal and professional skills and abilities.


By Alysha Rice, Freelance Blogger + Marketer

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