Don Bosco Preparatory High School in Ramsey, NJ

Patners since August, 2016

Number of active users 850+

Total hours in 2017: 65,391

Total economic value: $1,540,608

Building on a century old culture of service

With a long and proud history of preparing young men for college and beyond, Don Bosco Prep has built a community of service over many generations.  A Catholic high school with 850 young men, each class must perform community service hours every year – Freshmen and Sophmores are required to complete at least 20 hours per year while Juniors and Seniors must achieve at least 30 hours per school year.  It was this culture of Christian service that inspired alumnus John Khanjian to return to Don Bosco as the school’s Assistant Coordinator of Youth Ministry.  He is encouraged watching the transformation he sees in students through volunteering as they journey from Freshmen to Seniors.  “Don Bosco helped form me as a man and I wanted to help mold this generation of students the same way,” says Khanjian, now in his 6th year in this role.  

Reducing administrative headaches; holding students more accountable

Prior to engaging with MobileServe, John had a file cabinet of service hour log forms for each student. Hard copies take a long time to look through and approve.  He attests that MobileServe not only saves him hours of time each week that can be better spent with students but it offers greater accountability vs. the old pen and paper method.  “MobileServe has enabled the students to track their own progress without having to come ask me for a report.  It saves me time communicating with students as a class and individually when I need to add a note to a student’s service log (vs. tracking them down on campus).  The verification features ensure they’re completing the service that’s required of them, thus saving me time making calls to confirm their hours. Perhaps more importantly, though, it puts the onus on them to be accountable for themselves as young adults.  They can log and track their hours on their own phones. We use it as a vehicle to teach them responsibility.”

Making it easy for all - eliminating paperwork

The thing that John likes most about MobileServe?  No more paperwork!!  He was able to move that big file cabinet out of his office and can spend more time inspiring the students vs. wrangling paperwork out of them.  “MobileServe has made it easier for me, easier for the students and has given parents the transparency they need.  It’s nice to have everything organized in one place, in a purpose-built, data-driven system at my fingertips anywhere I need to be instead of on hundreds of pieces of paper in my office.”

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