MobileServe CEO, Ben Reno-Weber provides 3 tips on how to create a culture of service in your organization.

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Hi, I’m Ben Reno-Weber the CEO of MobileServe. We work with organizations all over the country to help them to engage more in their communities and tell their story. The number one thing we hear from our clients is, “Well, I wish I could be more engaged in the community, I wish my members would do service… But I just don’t have time.”


I’m here to give you a couple of quick tips for how to make time to create the culture that you want to create within your organization.


  1. First, leverage your superstars. There are people in your organization who are already engaged and doing really cool things. Give them the power, the platform, and the authority to bring other people with them.
  2. Two, make it fun. Create a leaderboard. Create challenges. Give recognitions to people and the groups that are out doing the things you want them to do.
  3. And Three. Celebrate. Celebrate the successes. Celebrate the impact. Talk and humble brag about the good stuff that your individuals and your organizations are doing in the community.

If you do those things, you can actually create the culture that you want and the community that you want without a lot of work.

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