College applications can be intimidating for students. Beyond finding the right schools to apply for, students have to showcase why they should be admitted and make themselves stand out amongst their peers. While community service essays are sometimes required, students can use them to show the impact of their capabilities beyond course knowledge and grades.

What exactly is a community service essay?

A community service essay is a written essay highlighting the service work that students have participated in. This type of essay can provide details that show the impact a student has in their community and can shine light on students’ passions and motivations.


While some have specific requirements, there are generally two reasons why a community service essay is required: the application for the college or university itself and for scholarship consideration.


If an essay of this sort is not required, students can choose to write about their community service in a personal statement. Doing so can impress readers that are essential to the competitive application selection process. Moreover, students can receive awards and scholarships – both partial and full — to help with the rising cost of attending a higher education institution. Check out this list of community service scholarships that students can apply for.

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How can students write moving community service essays?

There are many ways a student can showcase their good deed and talents. Showing personality and demonstrating growth are vital to a great essay, along with these stellar tips from MobileServe.


Most importantly, when a student has volunteer experience it shows who they really is. Essays and entrance exams can help determine intellect, but what a student does beyond academics can really demonstrate their character and if they would be a proper fit for a college or university. By their donating time and skills, students have the ability to highlight their engagement within the community … colleges like that!


By Alysha Rice, Freelance Blogger + Marketer



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