The Millennial generation is unique in social and corporate environments compared to generations prior. Technology is a primary influence in our lives, and it's sometimes hard to find a balance with all facets of life in a technological age. As more people immerse themselves in technology, specifically social media, it's more important than ever to get out and give back to your community. Listed below are our top 5 reasons this generation should start giving back. 



With the need for a social media agenda, our generation is consumed by what we post and how it looks to our friends and followers. Employers have caught on to the critical presence social media has in our lives. If what we post reflects on our personality and our characteristics as an employee, then we better post things that reflect well on us, right? If you volunteer, why not show and encourage your network the good you are doing for the community? The benefits of volunteering on a resume are substantial, but highlighting your service work on social media outlets tells a lot about what you value in life. Passionate, hard-working people enjoy dedicating time to important causes. If that is you, show off!



A problem that numerous Millennials face is what to do after graduation. We’ve all be there; Aunt Susie asks “So what are you going to do now?” and all you want to say is, “Well, Aunt Susie, it’s been a week after my last class. All I want to do is binge-watch Netflix and eat pizza.” But, alas, we must get involved after receiving those diplomas we worked so tirelessly for! The cost of higher education skyrocketed in the past decade and upon graduation, it has proven difficult to find our own path professionally. Volunteering is the easiest way to gain valuable experience in areas that interest you. Many volunteers are trusted with tasks of high responsibility and are forced to try new things. If you are lost upon graduating, like so many of us are, volunteer and you will find yourself and it will you lead you on a path of expanded networks that may even turn into a job. 



We may have tons of friends and followers on social media, but connections to build personal networks are more difficult to make as an adult. The only people you’re meeting are those you went to school with or have worked with in the past. The people you really want to meet, but have never had the opportunity to, such as CEOs, public speakers, ambitious entrepreneurs, are always involved in community service. Associating yourself with a non-profit opens doors personally and professionally. The truth is, no matter how good someone looks on paper, a personal, tangible connection coupled with shared interests outweighs a lofty resume. 



Our number 2 most selfish reason the Selfie generation should volunteer is personal happiness. Volunteering is proven to positively impact self-esteem, psychological well-being, and happiness. In part, this comes from the feeling of reward. From a psychological viewpoint of self-interest, it is fascinating how inclined people are to give back. Helping one’s community has long been considered an altruistic behavioral model although it’s easier to only be preoccupied with oneself. The reason we choose to continuously give back is simple: the impact of the work volunteers do for others outweighs the effort and time volunteering takes every single time. 



“Be the change you wish to see in the world.” This famous Gandhi quote brings us to our final selfish reason. We use the word “selfish” loosely here, because positively impacting your community through volunteering is revered as “selfless”, but if you start volunteering because you’re feeling down and out, we say that is just as important! The long term is what matters, and that is the dedication of your time to help someone who needs it. A unique quality of our generation, one that sets us apart, is that we never stop finding ways to dream bigger. Not only do we collectively envision a better world, we take leaps to change it. By volunteering, you have the power to make a change in hunger, homelessness, poverty, domestic abuse, or crime; anything you are passionate about is connected to some form of volunteering. Volunteer for yourself, take selfies at volunteer locations, harness this generation’s unique lifestyle and use it for good. Be selfish in the most selfless possible way!


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