Summer season is one of the best times to get involved with volunteering. Students have extra time off, the weather is great, and organizations are always looking for extra help! While there are a vast range of opportunities, we’ve listed a few ways to volunteer this summer and do good. 

Volunteer Abroad

Ready to travel this summer? Mixing vacation with a passion for giving back has never been easier! There are organizations that will match volunteers and their interests with organizations abroad – get started with sites like GoOverseas and GoAbroad.

Help the Elderly

Summer conditions aren’t for everyone. Too much sun and heat can keep elderly friends and neighbors from up-keeping their homes and yards. Volunteer by aiding in this manual labor – just make sure to ask first and stay hydrated!

Get involved with animals

Local zoos and animal rescues are always looking for volunteer during spring and summer because of the high number of babies being born. Check out the organizations and see what kind of help they need for the season.

Go to camp

Camps are an excellent way to get involved with local organizations in your community. With positions ranging from camp counselors to activity directors and more, there are plenty of ways to give back at summer camps.

Clean up the community

Summer is a great time to enjoy the outside and cleaning up at the same time. Volunteers can give back to their community by picking up trash and debris, cleaning up bodies of water, planting greenery and so much more to help the environment and community they live in.


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By Alysha Rice, Freelance Blogger + Marketer

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