5 Selfish Reasons the “Selfie” Generation Should Volunteer

April 28, 2017

The Millennial generation is unique in social and corporate environments compared to generations prior. Technology is a[…]

How Volunteering with AmeriCorps Can Fuel Your Future

April 27, 2017

Volunteering for a year of service with AmeriCorps answers a call to make our nation stronger, safer, and healthier.[…]

Celebrating Amazing Volunteers During National Volunteer Week

April 26, 2017


Get Involved With National Volunteer Week

April 21, 2017

Next week, from April 23-April 29, our nation will celebrate its 43rd National Volunteer Week, an annual celebration of our[…]

Volunteer To Live a Healthier Life

April 20, 2017

What are things we do to improve our lives? Eat well, exercise often, and avoid harmful habits like smoking and excessively[…]

Why You Should Embrace the Humble-brag [Video]

April 19, 2017


MobileServe CEO, Ben Reno-Weber explains why[…]

3 Tips on How to Keep A Devoted Non-Profit Volunteer Base

April 14, 2017

Non-profits would not be successful without support from their volunteers. Organizations such as the YMCA, United Way, and[…]

4 Tips for the Philanthropy Chair in Your Fraternity or Sorority

April 13, 2017

As the Philanthropy Chair for your fraternity or sorority, you are faced with a complex task: lead your organization’s[…]

Benefits of Volunteering with AmeriCorps

April 11, 2017

If you’re itching to serve, to make a real difference, to “get things done,” then you might turn your attention to[…]

MobileServe Super User: Meet Connie

April 4, 2017

MobileServe would be nothing without our amazing users that continue to make incredible differences in their communities.[…]

What to Say in Your Community Service Essay for College

March 31, 2017

When you take on the large task of applying to college, a part you’re likely to dread most is writing an essay. Why? Because[…]

Slacktivism vs. Activism: Making the Most of your Greek Philanthropy

March 23, 2017

Slacktivism vs. Activism

In recent years, the concept of “slacktivism” has been volleyed around the Internet, recycling a[…]

5 Creative Fundraisers for Fraternities & Sororities

March 20, 2017
Each year, in a time-honored tradition, Greek organizations across the country raise millions of dollars for worthy causes.[…]

Kiva Will Give You $25 To Gift to a Woman of Your Choice & Other Reasons We Love Kiva

March 8, 2017

Kiva's International Women's Day Campaign

Kiva is a nonprofit organization that facilitates peer-to-peer microlending. What[…]

How Students Can Network Through Volunteering

March 7, 2017

Volunteering has become a new avenue for social interaction among middle and high school students. More often,[…]

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